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Asthma Relief can only continue to provide this much needed service to those who suffer from breathing difficulties with the financial support of organisation and individuals:-

Ways in which you can help:-


Please contact us if you feel that you can help in anyway.

Contact Details:

Asthma Relief Charity (Registered Charity No. 1063965)
1a The Shaftesbury Centre, Percy Street, Swindon SN2 2AZ
Telephone Number: 01793 524004, Fax Number 01793 529005

Please look at our associate website: where you can purchase jewellery and help Asthma Relief. 50% from all purchases via Precious by Nature will be donated to Asthma Relief. Valentines gifts, Bridal jewellery, prom jewellery and lots more are available. Some examples are shown. We are also working in association with another charity that sells nearly new babies clothes etc. At the moment Lovely Events, run by Victoria Poole sells the baby clothes at Local Events but is shortly going to be launching a website. Watch this space. Victoria is going to be donating directly to our charity through everything she sells.
This necklace is a real statement piece. A fabulous necklace made from turquoise, malachite and crystals with a lovely oblong turquoise pendant and is priced at £45. The necklace is despatched the same day and comes gift wrapped with a card telling you all about the healing properties of the stones used. If the necklace is not suitable it can be returned for a full refund.

3 Peaks Challenge

We would like to thank Chris Dunford , who  recently raised  a massive £1,556  for Asthma Relief.  Chris wanted to do the 3 Peaks Challenge to help our charity as his mum died from an asthma attack in November 2010.  She suffered from asthma for her whole life but this came very much out of the blue.  Chris completed the three peaks challenge which is to climb to the top on Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon, all within 24 hours. The event was on 4-5th May 2013.

Well done Chris and thank you very much for your enormous contribution to Asthma Relief.

Chris's story is below.

Ben Nevis
Skaffell Pike
At 5am we began on the base of Ben Nevis where the weather was great with no rain and a good temperature… how things change! After 3.5 hours of walking we reached the piles of stones (Cairns) which mark the final route along the plateaux towards the summit, it was well below zero with the wind blowing and it was snowing sideways. The clouds and ground blended into a sheet of total white and we lost the path behind us… it is at this point we were forced the turn back for safety reasons, later learning that we were roughly 20 minutes walk (shuffle) from the very top!

Scafell Pike was next on the list and after a non-eventful drive, and no sleep, we arrived at our destination at about 4pm. We began our ascent and there was no sign of rain or snow. After some more (considerable and slow) effort we reached the summit, took the photo below and then returned down the mountain. It was on this return journey downwards that most of us could feel the effects on our knees - which still ache now!

Finally we reached Snowdon, on paper the easiest climb and path. The fact that it was 1.30am and no one had slept since 4am the previous day was really taking its toll as we began on the winding path into the darkness. The higher we went the mistier conditions became until our head torches were more effective off than on due to the glare from the low cloud levels. We walked for around 5.5 hours on Snowdon and could never seem to find the correct path up to the summit. Later we learned we had found the meeting point of two tracks (Pyg and Miners') and chosen the wrong one in the dark and mist, roughly 1 mile from the very top. (no picture due to unsuccessful climb, broken camera and pitch black darkness with mist.)

We returned to the car park at 5.55am, 55 minutes behind schedule and with two peaks yet to be claimed.

How to Donate to Asthma Relief

If you would like to contribute to what we do at Asthma Relief and make a donation please click here where you can safely donate money and help people with chronic breathing difficulties.

If you are planning a fund raising event, e.g. run a marathon, swim, bike ride etc. then this is a very simple method for your supporters to help.

We will be pleased to put a link to your website if you are a business and we will also be pleased to put your company details on a metallic label to be placed on the nebuliser.

Thank you for your help.

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Telephone: 01793 524004