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Amanda’s Big Challenge to raise money for Asthma Relief.

Amanda Stobbart took part in the Spartan Beast Challenge 2016 at Windsor Park on 3rd October 2016. The Spartan Beast is a 26K Obstacle course, the most difficult of all Spartan races to complete. It consists of 30-35 obstacles, including a Barbed Wire Crawl, Fire Jump, Atlas Carry, Ropes/Wall Climbs and Spear Throw.

Amanda, a Business Analyst from Essex, found the challenge far from easy. “It takes a lot of stamina, strength and perseverance to get to the end.” The rope climb was the most difficult of the obstacles, it was wet and slippery and Amanda just couldn’t manage to get to the top to ring the bell!  However, she kept smiling throughout and managed to complete the gruelling course in 5 hours 28 minutes having only fallen off 3 of the obstacles!   Amanda has raised over £1000.00, which is an amazing achievement.

Amanda wanted to raise money for Asthma Relief Charity because asthma has blighted her family for years.  Her mum Helen, who suffered from heart disease, sadly passed away in February this year, had asthma, Amanda has asthma, and her son, Callum has it too. “I have spent many a night lying next to my son listening to his wheezing chest wondering if it will ever improve.”

Once, when Callum was a baby he needed a nebuliser but because of the lack of funding within the NHS the hospital was unable to provide a nebuliser for him to take home and Amanda ending up sharing her cousin’s nebuliser.  

“Asthma affects 5-8% of the population, some 5 million suffers and there is no cure, by raising money for Asthma Relief we can help donate nebulisers to those in need.” 

Asthma Relief Charity would like to say a Big Thank you to Amanda for choosing to support our work in helping those with asthma and other chronic breathing  difficulties.

Sarah Drummond Edinburgh 10K Run Raises Funds for 2 Nebulisers

Sarah Drummond chose Asthma Relief Charity, to raise money for, as she lost her best friend Nadine to Asthma when she was only 15. She had a rare type of asthma that doctors were unaware of and suffered a massive attack which her body just couldn't cope with. Her asthma wasn't even severe and she rarely used her inhalers. Sarah ran a 10K race in Edinburgh  to raise the money which was a great achievement for her, especially as I was 4 months pregnant at the time! Sarah raised enough money to purchase 2 nebulisers, which we labelled 'In Memory of Nadine' and donated to Prestonpans Doctor's Surgery. A big thank to Sarah, on behalf of Asthma Relief and all the patients who will benefit from use of the nebulisers.

Asthma Relief would like to thank C Arnold and James at Jameslee @inkredible Tattoo Studio for their support at the recent STEAM fund raising event.

The charity is very grateful to Geraldine Segesser for her help by carrying out a Swimathon in the summer of 2012 and for her help at the recent STEAM fund raising event.

Asthma Relief would like to thank the Berkshire Masonic Charity for their support.

Nick Smith, Berkshire Masonic Charity presenting a cheque for £1150.00 to Dave Penman, Honorary Manager of Asthma Relief.

Thank you to the Harry Cureton Charitable Trust.

We acknowledge the grant we have received from the Harry Cureton Charitable Trust which has contributed to the cost of 14 nebulisers.

Asthma Relief would like to thank
The John Jarrold Trust
for their continuing support of our work in Norfolk

John Lewis supports Wiltshire charity Asthma Relief

John Lewis has made a donation of £10,000 to Wiltshire-based charity Asthma Relief, for the purchase of more than 70 new nebulisers to help people with asthma in Wiltshire.
The nebulisers will be used by hospital patients with asthma, as well as by community nurses to enable patients to remain at home rather than be admitted to hospital. The nebuliser is more powerful than an inhaler as it helps people suffering an asthma attack to breathe by administering a medicinal liquid that is inhaled through the mouth or nose.
Of the 72 nebulisers bought with John Lewis's donation, 33 will be used at The Great Western Hospital and The Prospect Hospice in Wroughton, and a number will be used in asthma patient's homes.
Dave Penman, founder of Asthma Relief said: "We're absolutely thrilled to receive this generous donation from John Lewis. Asthma Relief is totally reliant on donations to continue our work supporting those who suffer from asthma and other serious breathing difficulties.
"Winter is a very busy time of year for Asthma Relief and we sometimes have to add requests to our waiting list until funds become available, however, thanks to this kind donation we have been able to meet all requirements this season."
Dominic Joyce, branch manager, John Lewis at home Swindon, commented: "We're passionate about supporting the local community and I'm particularly pleased that as a business we are able to support a charity which will benefit so many people in the Swindon area.
"It was great to meet Dave and hear of the fantastic work his charity does both locally and across the country."
Dave Penman added: "Previously, patients at The Great Western Hospital in need of a nebuliser had to use a non-portable inbuilt system, but now we're providing nebulisers to use at home, patients can be discharged much sooner. The nebulisers have even allowed some patients to take a holiday, as the device is travel-friendly and can be battery operated."
People with asthma are not the only beneficiaries, as nebulisers can also be used to administer medication to very young babies, people with terminal illnesses and coronary pulmonary disorder (COPD), another serious condition which causes difficulty in breathing.
Retired Swindon resident Mick Packer (74), who suffers from both asthma and COPD, used one of the nebulisers earlier this month.
Mick comments: "I've been an asthma sufferer for more than 40 years. In the past, when an attack came on I had to travel four miles to visit my doctor's surgery to use a nebuliser and in emergencies, when I couldn't get an appointment, I'd have to call the paramedics.
"With the cold winter air I find it hard to breathe and usually have an attack every week. If I don't use a nebuliser soon after an attack my breathing difficulty lingers for days. I often have to sit down to regulate my breathing, even for simple things like making a cup of tea.
"When I visited the doctor's surgery last week I was told about the nebulisers Asthma Relief had available so I enquired and received one the same day. I can't express how much easier life is having a nebuliser at home - now I feel better within just 15 minutes of an attack."
This year Asthma Relief is celebrating its 14th year. To find out more about the charity visit or call 01793 524004.
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