Here are just some of the many messages of gratitude from Medical establishments that the generosity of donors has enabled us to help:-

"I want to extend a very big thank you on behalf of the staff here and all the children who will benefit from your generous gift ...we would also wish our thanks to be extended to those responsible for this 'gift' yet unknown to us"

"Thank you.... These units will be put to very good use for Patients attending our respiratory & lung function transplant clinic & wards. We are always in need of equipment like this so this donation is very much appreciated"

"Please convey my sincere thanks for the kind donation of Nebulisers ...your hard efforts are certainly appreciated!"

"When they arrived in the ward we were thrilled, this just doesn't happen! The Nebulisers will make a big difference to the care we deliver to a wide variety of Patients with respiratory problems"

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the 5 nebulisers we recently received from Asthma Relief Charity. We often have a problem supplying nebulisers to various patients both in the community and on the wards so to receive your gifts was a bonus for us."

"Many thanks for your kind and generous donation of the nebuliser....the nebuliser was given to a severe asthma patient who desperately needed her own machine but unfortunately was not in the correct circumstances to purchase one herself. Again thank you... It is difficult to know where to turn when such costly items of medical equipment are greatly needed."

"This is to say a huge thank you for the two beautiful new nebulisers we received last week. Our respiratory nurse is absolutely delighted with them! Like many other Practices, we have a large number of patients suffering with asthma who will benefit from using these nebulisers. Please pass on our grateful thanks to the generous person who donated the money to purchase the nebulisers for us."

"Thank you very much for your generous donation of 5 new nebulisers...The nebulisers donated will enable lots of patients to be discharged home with this much needed equipment to keep their symptoms under control. This donation of equipment will assist us in improving services for lung cancer patients and their families locally."

"Dear Mr Penman and all concerned at Asthma Relief... Sorry it's taken me a while to thank you for your help, have not been at all well... without your generosity I would never be able to have a nebuliser. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart."

(The above are from a Paediatric Nurse, a deputy Ward Sister, Respiratory Nurses, a Macmillan Lung Cancer Specialist Nurse, Doctor's Surgery Practice Managers & an elderly lady in Hampshire)

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